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More voters. More secure elections.

We're two days out from Election Day.

No matter who emerges victorious on Tuesday, there is one ugly truth our entire political system has to reckon with. And that is the nationwide campaign of voter suppression the GOP has undertaken to keep seniors, students, and people of color from the polls. From Georgia to North Dakota, this election cycle brought us new and uglier efforts every day.

At the same time, Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans have wasted millions on their phony commission to investigate "voter fraud" — despite the fact that cases of voter fraud range from extremely rare to virtually nonexistent.

As a result, Americans are disenfranchised, disillusioned, and distrustful of our elections. That should gravely concern all of us, no matter the political party you call home.

There's a simple option that can improve voter turnout instead of selectively suppressing it. Vote-by-mail reduces the impact of voter suppression laws that keep people of color, older Americans, and working parents from polling places. (Plus, it puts an end to long lines on Election Day.)

It's a secure and accessible way to vote. We need vote-by-mail in every state. Add your name to tell Congress to pass the Vote by Mail Act!

Vote-by-mail has been shown to increase turnout in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. Americans can research the candidates and fill out their ballots at home. And unlike election machines, physical paper ballots can't be hacked, but they can be audited and recounted.

We can do this. More voters. More secure elections. Stronger democracy.

Sign the petition to pass the Vote-by-Mail Act and protect our democracy from election hackers!


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Posted on November 4, 2018.

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Joe Kennedy III represents Massachusetts' 4th District in Congress. A principled and passionate advocate for economic, social, and racial justice, Joe is working to improve access to quality, affordable health care, and is determined to fight for all who call this country home.

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