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The upcoming fight for mental health care

This country is in a robust debate about the future of American health care.

That's a good thing.

From the cost of prescription drugs to maternal mortality rates and racial disparities in care, our system is plagued by inequities that have no place in the richest, most advanced nation on earth.

We've got to do better.

As we fight back against GOP efforts to dismantle the ACA and discuss next steps on proposals like single-payer and public options, one thing is absolutely critical: we must keep mental health care at the center of that conversation.

For too long we've cast mental health to the margins of our health care debates, treating it as a luxury or an afterthought rather than a life or death reality for millions of American families. Persistent stigma and insufficient laws leave those struggling with everything from depression to eating disorders to substance use disorders without protection.

As a newly Democratic House dives into the larger health care debate, I'll be fighting to ensure mental health stays at the forefront.

To demand insurers treat behavioral health the same as physical health

To protect Medicaid, the largest single-payer of mental health treatment in the country.

To give the opioid epidemic the level of investment and government resources it requires

To make sure no one ends up in prison for the "crime" of mental illness.

I'll be counting on you in this fight. Thank you for standing with me.


Posted on January 23, 2019.

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Joe Kennedy III represents Massachusetts' 4th District in Congress. A principled and passionate advocate for economic, social, and racial justice, Joe is working to improve access to quality, affordable health care, and is determined to fight for all who call this country home.

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